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Hover Introduced Low Price Electric Scooter: Action Price Stunning Features

By Team YourCoimbatore on 20th October 2021
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As petrol and diesel prices rise every day in the country, the craze for electric scooters is on the rise. People are now starting to give preference to electric scooters. The market for electric vehicles is growing very fast. New start-ups are introducing new electric vehicles in many markets. Many companies are also introducing exclusive electric scooters to enable 12 to18-year-olds to operate scooters without a license.
Corrit Electric is also set to launch its electric scooter soon. The company has designed an electric scooter called the Apna Hover. It is set to debut later this month. It is designed to appeal to the younger generation. The Corrit Hover will be launched at a starting price of Rs 74,999. But it will be offered to customers at Rs 69,999. Customers can make a reservation by paying Rs 1,100 on the company’s official website. The company says that the distribution of this scooter will start in November. The scooter will be introduced in red, yellow, pink, purple, blue and black.
Corrit Electric says their scooter is designed with 12- to 18-year-olds in mind. What is special about this is that it does not require a driving license. Therefore its top speed is kept under control. The maximum speed of the hover scooter is 25 km per hour.
The hover can easily carry a maximum weight of 250 kg. These days people prefer bicycles and bikes with thick wheels. In this condition, this electric scooter attracts everyone due to its thick tires. They are fitted with duplex and disc brakes. Apart from this, a dual shock absorber is also available.
Corrit Electric has officially announced the launch of the Hover Electric Scooter. This electric scooter will be introduced at every stage. That means it is initially planned to be introduced in Delhi. Later it will be introduced in other cities.

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