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How the hair donation was started in Tirupati?

How the hair donation was started in Tirupati?

Thirupathi, Hair donation

Tirupati Balaji, the richest temple in the country, has many mysteries. The temple attracts a large number of devotees from all over the country and abroad. However, many restrictions are currently in place due to the corona.

The specialty of this temple is that the devotees go here to donate their hair. This rarely happens in any other temple in the world. In Tirupati, it is said that God returns 10 times more hair than one donates. Here it is said that Mother Lakshmi bestows special blessings on hair donors.

Not only men but also women donate their hair in this temple of Lord Venkatesh. Its meaning is that we make our lives a gift to the Lord by making our hair a gift. This is why giving a hair gift is considered more special than giving a gift of money or material.

It is also said that a person who donates hair to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Lord Balaji leaves his sins and imperfections in the form of hair. Through this, God has always had grace on them. Usually, 20 thousand people donate hair here every day. To this end, more than 500 barbershops here daily provide their services.

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