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How to use Google Map without internet?

How to use Google Map without internet?

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Even the city that did not go after the arrival of Google Map, can go and come without misleading anyone. All corners of the globe are reported on Google Maps. But there are also those who are obsessed with it.

Such an incident has also taken place in Tamil Nadu. A lorry driver who went to Nellai in Chennai looked at a Google map and got stuck at the entrance of the Nellaiyappar temple exhibition hall.

He drove the truck into the area, unaware that police had already blocked traffic in the area. The truck got stuck in a dilemma as it was driven without being heard when told by the public.

The truck was taken out after about an hour and a half of fighting. For such errors here and there, is it possible to completely discard Google Map? If so, that’s wrong. If you choose the route map for the area you are going to while the Internet is on, Google Map will guide you even after you have accessed the Internet.

First go to Google Maps and click on the icon below your photo on the right. Select the Offline Map section. Then you need to select and save the map of your destination while the internet is on. Now, even without the Internet, Google Maps will show you the way to your destination.

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