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I am left with just 100 dollars; waiting for evacuation: Indian student’s fateful situation

I am left with just 100 dollars; waiting for evacuation: Indian student’s fateful situation

Indian student

After the advisory by the Indian embassy in Ukraine, asking Indian nationals to leave Kharkiv immediately, students in Sumy, a city just two hours from Ukraine’s second-largest city, are tense about their evacuation.

“I have been calling the Indian embassy and writing emails for a few days but there was no response. Finally, yesterday the officials from the Indian embassy picked up my call.

The officials informed me that Kharkiv and Kyiv are affected worse than Sumy and to evacuate the students there was their priority. “We have been asked to wait for two-three days in the bunker,” said Virali Thakor, a 5th-year medical student, who is stuck with her friends in a hostel bunker at Sumy State University.

Describing her ordeal, Thakor, added, “After hearing the news about the war, my friends and I did not feel safe to cross the border on our own. We feel safe inside the bunker. We do get basic supplies of food and water.

If at all we need medicine or emergency help, we inform our contractor (agent) on Telegram.” “I have around 100 dollars in cash. I hope it will be enough for me to survive till I reach India safely. All ATMs are shut. It is not possible to withdraw more cash,” she said.

On Tuesday, Naveen Shekarappa Gyanagouda, a 21-year-old student from Karnataka, had died in shelling at Kharkhiv. The Indian Embassy in Ukraine had issued a second advisory, in all caps, on Wednesday asking Indian nationals in Ukraine to leave Kharkhiv by 6 pm.

“For their own safety and security, they must leave Kharkiv immediately, repeat immediately in the light of the deteriorating situation,” stated the advisory by the embassy. Around 200 Indian students are yet to be evacuated from Sumy State University’s hostel.

Another 5th-year medical student, Nancy Patel, who is currently in Sumy, said that they heard gunfire and bombing. “We too are scared and waiting for evacuation,” she said. “We are just 50 kilometers away from the Russian border. But there is no transport to go there.

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We have been asked to stay in our hostel. The Indian embassy officials informed us that they will evacuate us in the next two to three days,” she added. According to these students, there were over 700 medical students stuck in Sumy city and were waiting for the Indian Government to evacuate them.

Russia shelled the second most populous city of Ukraine, Kharkiv, damaging various installations. The city is near the Russian border and Russian troops have entered Kharkiv and are engaged in fighting with Ukrainian forces.

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