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If you want to live in this city, you will get a free house and work: Are you ready?

If you want to live in this city, you will get a free house and work: Are you ready?

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A Spanish city offers free housing with employment. The population of this city is constantly declining. So, the local administration has come up with a unique plan to keep the people here drunk. Accordingly, jobs and free accommodation are provided to those who come and stay here. So far many people have applied to avail of this special offer.

The administration of the city of Paladar de Aragón in Grigos, east of the capital Madrid, is concerned about the declining population, the Mirror reported. Currently, only 138 people live here. Once upon a time, this city was as bustling as any other city.

But gradually people started moving from here to big cities. Now the administration wants this city to be the same again. So many schemes are being prepared to motivate the people. After this, the house will be available for rent at a very low price. Also, the benefit of this offer is only available to those who have children. They should also be willing to enroll their children in local schools.

An advertisement has been issued by the local administration in this regard. It said free work arrangements would be made for residents of Paladar de Aragón. However, this free arrangement will not be offered for a long time. It will be given for the first three months only. The deputy mayor said that 3,000 people have applied so far. Work is also underway to renovate the city’s hostels. Thus, there will be no problem in accommodating people as per the application.

It is noteworthy that the Sicilian Town administration of Italy came up with a similar plan earlier this year. Under the scheme, 900 vacant houses were provided for just one euro each.

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