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In Valparai, 24,645 people did not vote

In Valparai, 24,645 people did not vote


Urban local government elections were held on the 19th for 21 ward member posts in the hilly Valparai municipality. There are 58 thousand 708 voters here. Of which 28 thousand 761 were males, 29 thousand 945 were females and 2 were of the third sex.

In this election only 16 thousand 363 men, 17 thousand 699 women and only 34 thousand 063 people voted for the third gender. This is 58.02 percent. The remaining 24 thousand 645 people did not come to vote. In 2011, the turnout was 64 percent.

19 thousand 122 people did not come to vote. This shows that the interest in voting among the people is declining.Voting was low in the last assembly and parliamentary elections. Commenting on this,

social activists said: –

Special officers should be appointed for Valparai and sent for inspection. Are they on the voter list in Valparai? Or are they outdoors? To calculate that. And if you are in Valparai why not come to vote ?, is there any difficulty? Should be examined..

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