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Increase in the supply of Coconuts for the auction held in Anaimalai

Increase in the supply of Coconuts for the auction held in Anaimalai

Coconut auction

The weekly coconut auction is held on Tuesdays at the Anaimalai Regulated Sales Hall. The auction date was changed yesterday as the holiday came this week due to Thaipusam. Accordingly, the auction was held yesterday. The regulatory sale for the auction was also presided over by Superintendent Manivasakam.

Farmers from Pollachi, Anaimalai and surrounding areas brought coconut coconuts to the auction. Traders from areas including Negamam and Kangayam participated and bid. Coconut prices were slightly higher than last week due to increased supply. Regular sales officials also said: –

94 farmers brought 547 bundles of coconut for the last auction at the Anaimalai Regulated Sales Hall. 8 merchants attended and bid. The coconut coconuts were graded and auctioned. Accordingly, 298 bales of first-grade coconut were auctioned at Rs. 89.50 to Rs. 91.35 per kg and 249 bales of second-grade coconut at Rs. 72.30 to Rs. 85 per kg.

The supply of 143 bundles of coconut was higher than last week. Meanwhile, the auction took place today (yesterday) after the last 10 days due to the Pongalaiyotti holiday. Thus the coconut was well dried without moisture in the coconuts. As a result, the price increased by Rs 1.10 per kg over the previous week. Thus they said.

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