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India sending man into space: Myilsamy Annathurai

By Team YourCoimbatore on 20th December 2021
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The 152-acre pond in the Gothawadi area next to Pollachi is on the verge of filling up after 30 years. Myilsamy Annathurai was delighted to visit the pond at Daruvai, which fills up after 30 years in his home village with his family.

He told reporters that the Aditya project to explore the sun had been halted due to the corona and that the work would be completed within two years.

Similarly, he said there was a plan to send man to space and the moon, adding that each project would take place gradually. Myilsamy Annathurai said that once the manned spaceflight project is successful, work on sending a man to the moon will begin.

He said unmanned domains were to be sent into space before these projects. He said the next step would be to use the information available in the tests to design a plan for sending human beings, adding that work was underway to implement ISRO’s plans.

Myilsamy Annathurai A large number of people from the area gathered at the Gothawadi area to hear the news of the lake. They were delighted to see the water filling the lake.

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