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Information Boards installed at Gene Pool Eco Park

Information Boards installed at Gene Pool Eco Park

Gene Pool Eco Park

Information boards detailing the different species of rare and endangered Shola trees and other native flora were inaugurated in the Gene Pool Eco Park at Nadugani in the Gudalur forest division recently.

In a press release, the Forest Department said that there were thousands of rare and threatened species of flora, including Shola trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, orchids and ferns being maintained at the Gene Pool Eco Park.

To help visitors gain a better understanding of the species of flora present at the eco-park, the name boards, detailing the species of trees and plants, as well as their conservation status, was installed. The initiative was undertaken jointly by the Gudalur forest division and the Rotary Club of Gudalur Valley.

District Forest Officer, Gudalur division, Kommu Omkaram, spoke about the importance of native ecology and the role they play in maintaining the fragile ecosystem of the Nilgiris. He explained how the different species provide suitable habitats for a wide variety of fauna as well as serve as a food source for wildlife inhabiting the region.

District Governor of the Rotary Club K. Shanmugasundaram said the Gene Pool Eco Park was a repository of knowledge of native species and praised the efforts undertaken by the Forest Department to educate people about the importance of native forests through the eco-park.

The Rotary Club also pledged to assist the Forest Department in supporting the growth of the eco-park. They also contributed ₹10,000 to the park, which has an active eco-ambassador programme to sensitise school students about native flora and their importance in the Gudalur landscape.

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There is so many end number of species of flora living on this earth. All other parks also should initiate the installation of information boards to educate people about the new and endangered species.


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