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Intensive vehicle check at Tamil Nadu-Kerala border

Intensive vehicle check at Tamil Nadu-Kerala border

Tamil Nadu-Kerala border

Elections for the post of 21st Ward Councilor in Valparai Municipality will be held on the 19th. Due to this, political parties and independent candidates are engaged in intense vote-gathering.

As the election date approaches, candidates are likely to get involved in trying to pay for the glue. Thus the Election Flying Corps officers are engaged in intensive vehicle testing at various locations.

In this situation, the Tamil Nadu Police and the Manampalli Forest Department are conducting intensive vehicle checks at the Sekkalmudi check post at Malukkapparai on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border to prevent the possibility of money being brought to the Valparai area through the State of Kerala.

All vehicles and tourists coming into Tamil Nadu from the state of Kerala are allowed into the Valparai area only after a thorough inspection and collection of their full details.

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