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Colourful Investiture Ceremony 2023 at Camford International School

Colourful Investiture Ceremony 2023 at Camford International School

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The Camford International School conducted the 14th Investiture Ceremony on 22 nd July, 2023. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Wg.Cdr. Maya K Nair, Directing staff (Law). The students were given the duties with a Sash and Badge. The honours were done with a solemn ceremony as the young leaders took the oath to perform their duties as school council leaders with sincerity. Gokul Radhakrishnan has been invested with the responsibility of School Head Boy, Ritika.K.R as School Head Girl and Diyashri.A as Sports Captain.

Wg.Cdr. Maya K Nair spoke to the students about the qualities of a leader. Addressed the young officials that Self-discipline gives you inner strength and a way to control yourself. It is one of the most important and useful skills to achieve success and everyone should possess this quality. A person who stays in control has the ability to take charge of his/her actions and reactions. It gives you the ability not to give up after failure and setbacks, develop self-control, provide the ability to resist distractions, helps you to motivate yourself until you accomplish your goals. A self-disciplined person makes optimum use of the time. Hence, he/she can achieve more and do more work as compared to a person who is not self-disciplined.

The guest also shared that I believe it is key to understand the dynamics of using social media as a tool for awareness in order to fully exploit the power of social media. We share information and updates instantaneously with the networks of connections we’ve built, and are subsequently flooded with updates from those same networks.  While sharing information in this manner is advantageous for many reasons, it also brings many risks along with it.

Oversharing information is arguably the biggest risk of using social media, and the ways in which it can be harmful are numerous. Be careful about what you make visible to your network, but especially what you make public.

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It was a visual treat to see the School Band receive our Chief Guest and other dignitaries. A beautiful rendition was given by the school choir which enthralled the audience.

The Chairman Mr. N.Arul Ramesh, Correspondent Mrs. Poongothai Arul Ramesh and Principal Mrs. Poonam Syal adorned the occasion with their presence and presented the Chief Guest with a memento.

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