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Is the Nora virus threatening India after Corona?

Is the Nora virus threatening India after Corona?

Nora virus

A new virus called the Nora virus has now started spreading in India. Having not recovered from the worst infection already caused by the coronavirus, the new virus infection has caused concerns. Thirteen veterinary college students in Pookodu village in Wayanad, Kerala have been infected with the Nora Virus. While the incidence of the corona is still low in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, another virus outbreak has come as a shock.

What is the Nora virus? How to protect yourself from it? Knowing the basics can be safe without being harmed. The new virus has been found to be transmitted to humans by animals and to unhealthy food and water.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George has confirmed that 13 students in Pookodu village have been infected with the Nora virus. The virus, which is said to be spread from animals, has infected veterinary students. If the virus begins to spread from person to person, the risk of infection will be much higher. Another 15 people are being treated at the hospital for symptoms of the virus.

Fears are growing as the drug for the Nora virus has not yet been diagnosed. Infection with the rapidly spreading Nora virus can cause vomiting and diarrhea. The virus, which affects everyone regardless of age, can cause gastrointestinal disease, even if it only lives for 24 to 48 hours after being infected.

Fears have increased as the Nora virus can cause severe harm to the elderly, children, and those affected by other illnesses. Like the corona, doctors warn that more attention is needed because the Nora virus can be transmitted through saliva and touch.

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