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Isha Foundation offers Yoga training for 10,000 Soldiers

Isha Foundation offers Yoga training for 10,000 Soldiers

On the occasion of our 77th Independence Day, Isha Foundation launched the “Yoga for Stress Management and Holistic Wellness” program in collaboration with Southern Command of Indian Army. Through this collaboration, free week-long Classical Hatha Yoga programs will be conducted by Isha Hatha Yoga teachers for more than 10,000 serving soldiers in 23 locations in 9 states falling under the jurisdiction of the command. The collaboration aims to bring holistic wellness to our soldiers who otherwise undergo a lot of stress under testing conditions.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Sadhguru, in a video message said, “As soldiers you have done enough for your physical fitness and wellbeing, but to bring a different level of mental and energetic capability within you, yoga and the technologies for inner wellbeing can make a phenomenal difference. We’ve already taught this yogic processes for thousands of soldiers and other forces and also we have trained over 300 trainers within the forces, and now we want to offer this to Southern Command, which is an important part.”

Later, tweeting about the initiative, Sadhguru, Founder- Isha Foundation, said, “In willingly committing their lives to protect & defend the Nation, our men & women in uniform are offering the highest commitment & the greatest service to the Nation. Most important to enable them to access the magnificent tools that this Culture offers to cultivate balance, stability & inner wellbeing. A Privilege to offer Isha Classical Hatha Yoga to the Southern Command, Indian Army- this will bring a different level of mental and energetic capability within you & will make a phenomenal difference both in terms of how you perform & how you experience your life. Best Wishes & Blessings.”

Lt Gen Ajai Kumar Singh, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, GOC-in-C, Southern Command inaugurated the ceremony and highlighted the importance of mental wellness in the Indian Army and how yoga can be used to ameliorate mental health issues prevalent in the society in general and Indian Army in particulars.

“With rising stress, suicides and marital discords, it’s very important that we connect back with our cultural and spiritual heritage. I am grateful to Sadhguru for helping us connect with our culture,” said Lt Gen Ajai Kumar Singh.
GOC-in-C spoke to the audience about the fire sheaths of existence as per the Panchkosha theory. The efforts of the Isha Foundation towards joining the cause of mental wellness of Indian Army pers were noted with gratefulness. The Army Commander enumerated the programs which have been and are in the pipeline with Isha Foundation as the yoga partner to Southern Command.

Isha Hatha Yoga teachers, who have undergone an intensive 21-week teacher training program at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, will teach classical Hatha Yoga practices such as Surya Kriya and Angamardana, to the soldiers. The soldiers will also learn Nadi Shuddhi, a practice that cleanses the nadis – the pathways through which pranic energy flows – bringing balance and psychological well-being; and Isha Kriya, a 12 minute meditation designed to cope with hectic pace of modern life.

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The first set of batches with thousands of army participants began on Independence Day in cities including – Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Gwalior, Jhansi, Secunderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru, among others.
The continuity in learning and practice of Holistic Wellness will be ensured further and to this end, an intensive ‘Train the Trainers’ residential program is also being conducted at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore from 01 to 14 Sep 2023, where instructors selected from units in Southern Command will be trained as certified Trainers to conduct Yoga Programs in their unit for times to come.

Mr. Raja Upadhya, Senior Vice President of HDFC Bank represented HDFC Bank Parivartan, which has partnered with Isha in enabling the well-being of the soldiers.


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