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It is a pity that the pond near Pollachi is covered with mud

It is a pity that the pond near Pollachi is covered with mud


There is a small pond on the Panikkampatti road opposite the D. Kottampatti public toilet. A portion of the pond was covered with soil during the construction of a sewage pumping station there for an underground sewer project. The people of the area protested.

Thus, the pond was left completely uncovered. In this situation yesterday some people from the area again covered the pond by pouring soil and building waste inside the pond with the help of Bokline machine. This shocked the people of the area. What they said about it: –

There is a rainwater harvesting pond near D. Kottampatti on Pollachi Panikampatti Road. The groundwater level of bore wells in the houses in the area was high. The pond eventually became a sewage pond. Currently, the earthen pond at that location is being closed.

The pond, which was flooded during the monsoon season, is now closed and there is a risk of rainwater infiltration during the monsoon season in Rajeswari Nagar, Mahalakshmi Nagar and surrounding residential areas.

The concerned authorities should conduct a proper investigation and take action. Also the pond needs to be rehabilitated to prevent it from closing. Thus they said.

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