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Jai Bhim (Tamil) – The Triumph of Justice, that’s breath-taking!

Jai Bhim (Tamil) – The Triumph of Justice, that’s breath-taking!

Jai Bhim

The team of Jai Bhim is a paragon, to bring out this true story to light with genuineness, legitimacy, and the intent to address a still prevailing issue. The in-depth study and recitation just not only impress but will remain as a benchmark!

The magnitude of humiliation, bigoted treatment, and agonizing life of IRULAR tribe community people (mostly snake, rat catchers, and honey collectors) has been conferred with exhaustive real-life scenarios and characters.

A real-life incident that deals with the Police’s unfair treatment of three people for an uncommitted theft and a women’s justice search for her husband, through “Habeas Corpus” (a law to report unlawful imprisonment) with help of a humane lawyer, forms the storyline.

Surya delivers a mellowed performance as Chandru, a live-for-cause lawyer who fights cases for tribal communities and other social issues, with no commercial motives. Great respect for him is naturally developed through this imperative character, which can be termed as his career-best, as of date.

The end credits run through the information of the real-life character “Neethi NayagamChandru, who had made sensational judgments handling 96,000 cases in his period of six and half years as a High court judge and stands very tall as a great inspiration. Do not miss the end credits!

The narration is well established and elucidated from the beginning, (Surya comes in only after 28 minutes) and every character holds prominence undoubtedly.

The strangulation and endurance of the three people in the lock-up and their community only remind the fortunate life most live and makes one wish for a better life for such innocent people.

The degradation of innocent people is shown evident at various levels and avenues, registering a strongly biased treatment… be it the rich people, Police, Village President, and many others.

The lock-up scenes have been shot very intensely with injustice spilled over every corner and will make one really feel the pain virtually. Manikandan & Lijomol Jose deserves laurels & laurels of praise and awards for their roles as Rajakannu & Sengeni… have lived it thoroughly.

Every seasoned actor in the movie – Prakashraj as Inspector General, Somasundaram as Public Prosecutor, Rao Ramesh as Advocate General, Jayaprakash as DGP, Writer Bava Chelladurai as activists, MS Bhaskar as a fellow advocate, Ilavarasu as Village President, both the judges and many other characters as evidence have been aptly cast and performed meticulously.

Tamizh as the rough sub-inspector Gurumoorthy is brutal and delivers a knock-dead performance… that none could forget! No wonder he is an assistant to Director Vetrimaran on his last three movies including “Visaranai” and his debut directorial movie “Taanakaran” to be released soon.

Subtle humor at the time of Prakashraj’s investigation is brought in the police station when a lady requests her head constable husband to send the jeep to drop their child at school.

Lijomol’s conversation with DGP rejecting his offer to compensate with money to withdraw the case and Manikandan’s dialogue requesting his mates to suffer the pain for a while in the lock-up, instead of incorrectly accepting as thieves are proof, that honor and truth are far superior to all the sufferings faced.

Rajisha Vijayan (“Karnan” actress) is the teacher helping the Irular community fit in, educating the community to learn through “Arivoli Dheepam” and some of her tips help in investigating the case. The cinematographer S.R. Kathir, Editor Philomin Raj (not a dull moment in 2 hours 45 mins narration), and music by Sean Roldan has been rock-solid support to the narration.

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The most satisfying news about this movie has been, it had reached the attention of the TN Government and along with Surya’s donation of Rs. 1 crore… around Rs. 3.5 crores in total had been sanctioned now for the welfare of the IRULAR community, which as producers both Surya & Jothika can be proud of! They have brought in a new life for the community.

The climax registers equality in confidence, with the girl sitting equally to Surya and an acceptance nod from Surya. That was a striking finish! The meaning of the title “Jai Bhim” (a greeting and slogan used by Dr. Ambedkar followers) is explained at the end for clarity… it’s Light, Love, Coming out of Darkness, and many people’s shredded tears!

The Writer-Director T.J. Gnanavel delivers a gem, that’s rare and bona fide. Never ever miss it! It’s streaming now on Amazon Prime.

Verdict: A Masterpiece!

Review by ~ Ram Arunachalam

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