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Jallikattu competition in Coimbatore today…!!!

Jallikattu competition in Coimbatore today…!!!

Jallikattu, Pongal fest

Jallikattu competition is held in Coimbatore every year on the eve of the Pongal festival. Thus, the jallikattu competition was held in Coimbatore today. Cowherds, bulls and bull owners gathered at the ground on the LNT bypass road in Chettipalayam, Coimbatore, early this morning. The cowboys, the bull owners, and the festival committee all lined up in front of the waterway.

Minister Senthilbalaji and Collector Sameeran arrived at the festival ground at 6.45 am. Collector Sameeran read out the pledge and the cowherds, bull owners and the festival committee took the pledge back. After that Minister Senthilbalaji flagged off the Jallikkattu competition.

First, the bull of Saravanampatti Perumal temple was unloaded. Since the temple was a bull none of the soldiers got down to trying to catch it. It was followed by a herd of bulls, one by one, through the gutter.

The cowherds confronted the bulls that came roaring in the field and wrestled with it and caught the bull and suppressed it. A few bulls stood for a while on the field letting none of the players near them shows the game. Some of the bulls were tamed by the soldiers and given away as gifts.

Bulls playing on the field and catching the bulls were immediately presented with numerous gift items including silverware, gold coins and bicycles. 700 bulls from all districts of Tamil Nadu including Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Thanjavur and Pudukottai and 300 cowherds from Madurai, Coimbatore and Nellai participated in this competition.

Out of the 300 cowboys who took part in the competition, 50 players took to the field in each round. The best players in each round were selected and sent to the next round. Previously only 2 people were allowed with each bull, including its owner. They were also tested to see if they had a certificate for a corona vaccine and a 48-hour corona test. After that, they were allowed inside.

Spectators were not allowed to watch today’s javelin throw match. Thus the jallikattu match took place without spectators. The competition was broadcast live on local channels. As many as 3,000 policemen, led by the District Superintendent of Police, Selvanagaram, have been mobilized as people are likely to overcrowd the area. They have set up a barricade around the ground and are engaged in intensive security work.

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In addition, a medical aid centre was set up to treat cowherds and bulls in case of any injuries. A doctor and a nurse were on duty there. Slightly injured soldiers were treated there. 108 ambulances were on standby near the ground to take the injured to the hospital. The jallikattu competition started at 7 am and continues till 5 pm.

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