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J’s Take! ISRO’s successful launch of GSLV Mark – III

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Indian Space Research Organisation has once again asserted its supremacy in the domain of space technology  by having successfully launched heaviest Geo synchronous satellite launch vehicle GSLV Mark-III with a 3.1 tonne communication satellite precisely in to earth’s orbit.

The fabulous achievement of ISRO has not only made India self – reliant when it comes to launching of heavier satellites but also will make it a favourite destination for the other nations to launch their heavy satellites at a lower cost. Successful use of indigenously developed cryogenic stage which uses liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen in the launch of GSLV Mark-III is indeed a stupendous feat as it has sent an unequivocal message about us having mastered the most complicated Cryogenic technology.

With communication satellites becoming heavier ( up to six tonnes), the ISRO has rightly embarked upon a journey for a a successful switchover to electric propulsion for orbit rising and to keep the satellite in right position and orientation in the orbit through its life time. No doubt, the switch over to  electric propulsion would reduce the weight of the vehicle by doing away with the necessity of carrying two tonnes of propellants and would help the country to launch heavier satellites with ease.