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Kerala Twin Sisters Delight in Life: Marriage in One Day, Childbirth in One Day !!

Kerala Twin Sisters Delight in Life: Marriage in One Day, Childbirth in One Day !!

Kerala, Twin Sisters

Chandrasekhar Nair is a former soldier from Talayola Parambu near Kottayam, Kerala, and his wife Ambika. The couple’s daughters are Sripriya and Srilakshmi. Both are twin sisters. The two grew up together without breaking up.

In this case, the two grew up and reached the age of marriage, according to the wishes of the daughters, the parents looked at the groom and both of them got married on the same day, on the same platform.

The marriage took place on December 11, 2020, on the same stage in a hall in Kottayam. Both became pregnant at the same time. Both pregnant women wanted to have children at the hospital where they were born.

She was admitted to the hospital following Sripriya’s pains for the past 2 days. Srilakshmi also had pain that night. She was subsequently admitted to the same hospital. In this condition, Sripriya gave birth to a baby girl at around 2.20 pm the day before yesterday. At 6.45 pm a baby girl was born to Sri Letsumi.

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The twin sisters gave birth to children on the same day, much to their surprise. It is noteworthy that the same group of blood for 2 children was born at the same time. Both babies were born with an ‘O’-positive blood type.

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