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  • The serial thefts and threats makes kovaipudur residents ‘Restless’!

The serial thefts and threats makes kovaipudur residents ‘Restless’!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 28th October 2021
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Thefts aren’t an unusual one, but there is a massive rise in and around the regions of Kovaipudur, after the pandemic, a resident of kovaipudur told yourcoimbatore.com, a Kovai based News journal.

A thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber – Indian proverb


Kovaipudur is a vast township at the foothills of western ghats in the Southwest of Coimbatore. The area is popularly called ‘little Ooty‘ because of its atmosphere. The town has a balanced ratio of both industries and residents.

The recent fear for the inmates of kovaipudur is serial thefts and burglaries. In contemporary times there were back-to-back suspicious incidents registered by the residents of kovaipudur. It makes them worried about fleeing the town.

Door Break!

A mob at midnight attempted to crack the locked house, but it ended up in vain, because, disturbed by the metal sounds against the wood, the person next door became doubtful and started to scream at the mob. Soon the gang managed to escape the place. While monitoring the nearby CCTV footage, it was confirmed that they were burglars.

Test drive crime!

A dweller of kovaipudur posted an advertisement on Facebook to sell a car. An unidentified person reached to check the car’s condition. He also test drove the second-hand car. He departed without purchasing the car. But next-day morning the car vanished and their number was out of reach. The family members were shocked by this incident and filed a complaint near the Police station.

Resident talk

While communicating to Seva Ratna awardee Dr Pratap, the state president of the National congress brigade of India and an inhabitant of Kovaipudur, he expressed his deep distress about the recent threat incidents across the area.

He alleges the north Indian labourers, who are operating in building sites, are roaming around residential areas like bedsheets and saree merchants. During this time they observe the houses with only women dwellers or locked ones. At night they are involved in the burglary.

The street at kovaipudur where the theft took place.

The criminals also visit the homes, claiming to be government officials to inspect and figure out the water staging issues to prevent dengue mosquitoes production. They utilize the chance to glance at the house infrastructure, presence of safety amenities like a dog or CCTV cameras, etc. Similar to the migrant labourers, local men were also taking part in these types of crimes after Covid 19, which propelled them jobless.

He also mentioned the famous proverb in Tamil, “thirudanai parthu thiruntha vittal, thiruttai olikka mudiyathu” i.e. Theft cannot be abolished unless the thief supposes not to do so.

Another resident of Kovaipudur, who runs the surveillance cameras shop, Sarva Balaji Industries at kovaipudur, said the people are hesitant to install the cameras, without knowing the benefits of having CCTV cameras. 99 percent of thefts are taking place in houses where the CCTV is not Installed.

People worry that cameras would cost more but the fact is high-end surveillance cameras have become cheaper nowadays. One can view their house status through their mobile phones. When they suspect any unwanted happenings they can alert the neighbours and quickly inform the police station.

SaKo – New Solution via App

Dr Pratap continued, Along with this, the locality youths should come forward to bind with police officials to vigil the areas at night. Also, the Coimbatore district police have newly launched the ‘SaKo’ Safe Kovai Application to curb theft in locked houses.


The inauguration of the ‘Sako’ app at coimbatore.

People, while leaving the town, can upload the details and images of the house in the app so that the personnel from nearby police stations will have an extra eye on the requested houses all round the clock.

Make it a safe place!

However, CCTV, Stray dogs, security personnel, and even policemen aren’t adequate to prevent the theft. It is in our hands to safeguard our valuables. Try to keep the valuables in the bank locker. Finally, the most important thing is to know who your neighbour is and to install the CCTV gadget in the common areas to enhance security.

Engaging with neighbours is a rare scenario nowadays, but keeping a healthy association among the area members may decrease or diminish the occurrence of theft. Without hesitation, dial 100 to inform when you notice anything suspicious.

Let’s make Kovaipudhur a safe place.

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Vijaya Ragavan


Title Photo by Sacha T’Sas on Unsplash

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