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Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (KCLAS) celebrates its first Graduation ceremony

Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (KCLAS) celebrates its first Graduation ceremony

kclas graduation ceremony

Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Sciences had the first graduation ceremony today in the College campus. The event was held at a beautifully set Orb and it was a pleasant sight having it in an open atmosphere. Quite liberal idea if you ask me.

Graduation day address KCLAS

The graduation day address was by Mr. Manoj Kumar, CEO, Kallam Anji Reddu Chair and Nandi Foundation, one of the inspiring leaders in the social entrepreneurship space whose work has impacted over 10 million people especially from the marginalised society. Some of the project has literally uplifted people from poverty – like the creation of central kitchen to feed a million children in govt schools. Or think of Araku the Coffee that’s a world favorite today that directly impacts over 3,00,000 tribals who are in the process of getting the right berries for the Araku Coffee from the Araku Valley.

In his speech he asked the students to be positive given the wonderful opportunity that the times offer.  Giving an outline on the ideas from A to G:

Be Authentic.  Be yourself.

Be Brave, the times are a changing.  Take independent decision. Speak out.

Be ready for Change. Rapid changes coming year after year, month after month. Climate change, demographic challenges. Job markets will change. Be agile.

Be Diverse. One language, one diet. Monotheism is getting on, we need to be diverse. We need diversity makes you more fertile.

Develop Emotional Intelligence. How do you deal with life? How balanced are you in your life? Build on emotional intelligence.

F stands for Food. Spend some time on Food, and whenever you eat food, ask some questions. Is the farmer making profits? Is the food good for me? Nutritious. He also spoke about the farmers and their plight and how they are ironically the parents of the malnourished children. He also asked some of them to be entrepreneurs to take the issues headon.

He also wanted all the colleges not only agri institutes to teach about agriculture.

G one of the most important things – Gender Equality and spoke at length on how it needs to be addressed. Men should be men with Gender Equality ingrained in them. And Women should ideally create men who value gender equality.

Earlier Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, Jt Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions welcomed the gathering, and Shri B K Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chairman spoke and declared the Graduation ceremony open.

Some glimpses of the event in photographs.

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You can also watch the Graduation Day address here:


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