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Kumaraguru College of Technology conducts “Swagatham 2023”

Kumaraguru College of Technology conducts “Swagatham 2023”

KCT Welcomes Over 1400 First Year Students During Swagatham 2023. Students Accompanied by their parents formally inducted into the Kumaraguru Ecosystem.

The 40th batch of Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) entered the campus on Monday along with their parents as they were greeted by the college management and the academic staff during KCT Swagatham 2023. As the institution marked another milestone in grooming the future engineers, Swagatham 2023 was an event to thank the parents for reenforcing their faith on the legacy of the Kumaraguru Institutions that stands tall for four decades now.

KCT Swagatham 2023 was presided over by Shri M Balasubramaniam, Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions. Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions offered felicitation address.

Swagatham was observed to formally induct freshers into the institutional ecosystem. It also served as a platform for the parents to know about the institution, its vision and how it has been progressively grooming the students by consistently updating the academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular curriculum. Parents were also briefed on walking along with the institution sharing equal responsibility in the learning process of their wards.

For students, Swagatham served as a medium to know about the institutional infrastructures and avenues which will help in identifying their innate interests and talents and they can work on it to improve and excel. Followed by Swagatham, students were briefed on Ignite 2023 which is a week-long activity for students to know each other and their seniors who guide them to the Realm of Kumaraguru Learning.

Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions said, “This is the moment to thank those hundreds of people who made this journey possible and brought you to KCT. The speciality and power of a human is to be thankful. Nothing of the past is fully relevant for the future. Many things of the past may be slightly relevant to the future. We will keep learning with you. We will keep innovative and will keep reinventing. We are proud the KCT was started way back in 1984. History gives uses credibility, but it doesn’t give us ideas for the future. Along with you, your seniors and faculty members we will keep reinventing this process. World is going through enormous change which means will keep doing wonderful things along with you.

We look at you as partners and not mere receivers for our ideas. Feel very special that you are part of the 40th batch of the institution. Our Founder Dr N Mahalingam believed that an institution like KCT will ensure that it empowers thousands of young people. After 40 years his vision has become true. Here we are in the 40th year with highest admissions in the last 40 years. Kumaraguru is not just one institution but platform where you would know multiple things. Many of you must have wanted to be in different place wanted to do different things but we are here by choice or by chance. But now that we are here, we cannot run without a vision for ourselves or goal for the future.

This is the campus where multiple things are student built. Many forums many clubs many initiatives. Recently, students’ team had gone to Europe to take part in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge by building their own Hydrogen Powered Catamaran. The Chief Minister M K Stalin had congratulated the students. We are very proud of what our students have done. Highlight Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. Have great fun, score maximum marks, have great placements but ensure that you impact the growth of this country. The 40th batch should have leaders who can transfer India.

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Dr D Saravanan, Principal, Kumaraguru College of Technology said, “For this 40th batch, we have planned to introduce new practices and new offering in terms of courses. We are planning to introduce capsule courses of 6 hours duration and course on demand for the first time for the 40th batch. Students can team up and propose to work in their interest and approach the faculty members. The topic will be offered it as a course and credits will be given. Such type of course is not available anywhere in this part of this region”.




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