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Kumaraguru Host 6th edition Inspire India Youth Conclave 2024 (IIYC)

Kumaraguru Host 6th edition Inspire India Youth Conclave 2024 (IIYC)


Yugam 2024, the annual techno-cultural sports conclave at Kumaraguru Institutions, hosted the 6th edition Inspire India Youth Conclave 2024 (IIYC), spotlighting the pressing issue of mental health. With over 18 distinguished speakers, comprising experts, professionals, and advocates, and a rich program including 4-panel discussions, 2 monologues, 2 workshops, and a keynote address, IIYC 24 stood as a comprehensive exploration of mental well-being.

One of the focal points was the significance of passion and purpose in nurturing mental resilience. Speakers emphasized how aligning one’s pursuits with personal passions and a sense of purpose can act as powerful buffers against stress and adversity. The discussions underscored the importance of individuals finding fulfillment and meaning in their endeavors as a means of fortifying their mental health.

Another crucial theme explored during IIYC ’24 was the cultivation of mental resilience in high-stress environments. Furthermore, the role of social media in shaping perceptions of mental health was a topic of significant discourse during IIYC 24. Participants examined the impact of media portrayal on attitudes towards mental health issues and discussed ways to promote accurate and empathetic representations.

A Student-led Mental Health Forum was also launched during the Conclave. The club was inaugurated by Lt Cdr Bijay G Nair, Kargil War Veteran, Dr K.Kiruthiga, the Coimbatore District Psychiatrist, and Dr. K. Ramachandran, Director, Defence Institute of Psychological Research (Retd), was inaugurated.

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The inauguration underscored a commitment of Kumaraguru to fostering dialogue and support for mental well-being within the student community & society, signaling a proactive stance in addressing mental health challenges.

By integrating these diverse approaches, IIYC 24 fostered a holistic understanding of mental health while equipping attendees with valuable insights and resources to support their well-being journeys.

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