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Strong Kumki to radio collar baahubali. Why? 29th July2021

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Three kumki elephants brought from Anamalai Tiger reserve to radio collar lone tusker Baahubali in Mettupalayam were sent back as published by TOI 

Kumki Tusker

The term Kumki or Koomke is used in India for trained captive Asian elephants used in operations to trap wild elephants, sometimes to rescue or to provide medical treatment to an injured or trapped wild elephant. An elephant has to undergo extensive training before it can become a Kumki.

Radio Collar


A Real-time Elephant tracking and monitoring system which uses algorithms to understand the behavior of elephants. A huge belt-sized radio transmitter device will be placed around the elephant’s neck. The data will be continuously transmitted to the satellite and can be received through smartphone applications.

This device not only tracks the elephant movement but, also saves elephants from danger. A unique signal will notify when the elephants are ‘unnaturally immobile’. Despite its advantages, Several elephant activists were against this radio collar. Condemning it as unnatural and immoral.


Baahubali, A notorious elephant in mettupalayam gave trouble to the residents so it was pressured to radio collar. Now it came under monitoring.


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