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Launch and Felicitation of Team Renew and Team Sea Sakthi at Kumaraguru Institutions

Launch and Felicitation of Team Renew and Team Sea Sakthi at Kumaraguru Institutions


Kumaraguru Institutions celebrated the launch and felicitation of two remarkable student teams – Team ReNew & Team Sea Sakthi as they represent Kumaraguru Institutions on the global stage, pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. The event happened at the Kumaraguru campus in Saravanampatti on June 18, 2024.

Team ReNew, composed of eight passionate students, is set to make history as the first Indian team to compete in the Prototype class within the Hydrogen Fuel Cell category at the Shell Eco Marathon Asia Pacific in Lombok, Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Team Sea Sakthi, a dedicated group of 12 students, is preparing for their third consecutive participation in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024, the only Indian team in this prestigious event. Both teams epitomize our commitment to sustainable technology and engineering excellence.


Eight passionate students from KCT are gearing up with their vehicle “Thimi” to make their mark at the prestigious Shell Eco Marathon Asia Pacific, set amidst the ambiance of the Pertamina International Circuit in Lombok, Indonesia.

With a legacy spanning an impressive 39 years, the Shell Eco Marathon stands as a beacon for energy efficiency, championing a global movement towards a low-carbon future. Over 5,000 students from across 50 nations are to converge with a singular ambition: victory in this esteemed competition.

Team ReNew is set to rewrite history as the first team from India to compete in the Prototype class within the Hydrogen Fuel Cell category. After six months of relentless dedication, they’ve earned their rightful place among the elite. Their mission is To ignite a revolution in sustainable mobility and champion zero-emission fuel sources for a brighter tomorrow.

Their vehicle Thimi is a three-wheeled aerodynamic structure constructed using a carbon fiber monocoque structure, which embodies biomimicry inspired Patented design. Utilizing upcycled materials for the chassis, along with a highly efficient BLDC Midrive Motor and custom-made motor controller board, Hydrogen Fuel cell the team aims to maximize their vehicle’s efficiency. With a focus on clinching victory at the Shell Eco-Marathon, they strive to make history in the realm of environmental energy optimization and efficiency.

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A team of 12 students from Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) Coimbatore are all set to travel to Monaco in Europe to take part in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024 – a one-of-a-kind motor boating event dedicated to promoting a sustainable future through alternative energy sources.

Named as Sea Sakthi, the team from KCT is gearing up to participate in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (MEBC) 2024 for the third consecutive year, as the only team from India.

The boat race is set for July first week and the KCT team comprising of students from various engineering streams is one among the 21 teams across the world to take part in the race in the energy class. The challenge in the energy class is to design boat’s cockpit and the most efficient and durable propulsion system using renewable alternative energy sources. The team has designed their boat from scratch to suit their requirement and named it Yali 3.0

A fully autonomous boat equipped with custom-built propulsion system, featuring twin propulsion each with the capacity of 6.5 KW, Yali 3.0 demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The team has developed and indigenously built 10 KW Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery Pack and the cockpit embracing sustainability using pineapple fibre and upcycled plastic fibre to highlight the ecofriendly approach.

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