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Learn the startup travel way – featuring Startup Payanam! #StartupPayanam

Learn the startup travel way – featuring Startup Payanam! #StartupPayanam


Startup Payanam is not a new to people or the entrepreneurs in this part of the country, and as we listen to the story behind Startup Payanam, its spreading wings, literally since its first travel show to the next one they are planning, its expanding in scale and geographical impact. Yes you heard it right first here at! The next Startup Payanam will travel international, I am reminded of Startup Geeks on a plane, once has a opportunity to meet them in New Delhi sometime back, courtesy Startup Weekend Gurgaon!

To put it in a nutshell this is organised by RG Nawin Krishna, and I should tell you he is Versatile, period. Check this… profile…


RG Nawin Krishna is SAP Global Certified Consultant | Founder & CEO – Mindwiz Techno- solutions | Founder & COO – | Co – Founder & Lead Community Engagement – Founderpassion “The Startup Accelerator” | Founder & Organizer – Environclave & Panjabootha Awards | Ideator & Organizer – #StartupPayanam | Founder – CyC “Coimbatore Youth Club” | Core Member – Coimbatore Startups Community | Founder – Education Ecosystem Forum & Go Green Kovai.

(Now I know will have to have a separate story on this profile later sometime!)

In a freewheeling conversation over mail and phone, he shared his thoughts about Startup Payanam, the learnings and what’s in store for the future trips.

On this journey called Startup Payanam

STARTUP PAYANAM is a Community building event organized by the members of “Coimbatore Startups”. An idea inspired from “JAGRITI YATRA” wherein few highly motivated startups wanted to give an exposure on startup culture & Entrepreneurship to the aspiring & student startups.  This is how #STARTUPPAYANAM was born. #StartupPayanam is a travel / Payanam of aspiring startups & student startups to few selected startups and get their experiences shared.

Its not just success that gets showcased there are stories of failures also so that the learnings are there for all.


On earlier editions of Startup Payanam

We had our First edition of #StartupPayanam in February 2016 at Coimbatore, which was a great success and the PAYANIGAL / travellers got good exposure by meeting 10+ Startup CEO’s in a single day. The event was covered by lot of regional & national media which gave a good visibility.  We had Covai Post as our media partner and we were really happy about that.

After that we had two editions of #StartupPayanam, One in the month of May, which was an Inter-City Payanam to Bangalore, and other in the month of JULY at Madurai which was again a great learning exposure for the PAYANIGAL / Travellers by meeting 10+ Startup CEO’s.


On how this helps the startups and the ecosystem

Startup Payanam helps the early stage entrepreneurs hear the experiences shared by the industry leaders. Helps startups connect with fellow startups. Help the startups to meet & interact with mentors, most importantly, nowhere you get the experience of meeting 35+ CEO’s travelling to their office & get their experiences & understand how the industry works.

Tell us about the next edition

The next edition happening on June 22, 23 & 24 is focussed more on Agriculture, Sustainable Energy, Social Entrepreneurship, Events Media and Entertainment and Tech Startups. Now we are planning for the next edition of #StartupPayanam which is a intercity startup payanam… connecting Coimbatore / Chennai.

So this is a round trip Coimbatore to Chennai and back with 40 select Payanigals travellers.  We are planning to meet 30+ CEO’s in these 3 days and give a lifetime experience to the PAYANIGAL / Travellers to interact with Chennai Startups.

The list is exhaustive and these are the CEO’s / Personalities & Startups who will meet during this edition of Inter-City Startup Payanam.

1.   Mr. Gowtham, President – Cocomans Association
2.   Mr. Sarath Babu, CEO – Foodkings
3.   Mr. Piyush Manush, COOP Forest
4.   Mr. Jayaraman, Vasista FPO
5.   Mr. CK Kumaravel, Naturals Saloon
6.   Mr. Blessing Manikandan, CEO – Paulsons group
7.   Mr. Rajamohan, Putchutney
8.   Mr. Suresh Radhakrishnan, ChaiKing
9.   Mr. Sakthivel Pannerselvam,
10. Mr. Dharaneetharan Durairajan, Teleport 360
11. Mrs. Archana Stalin, My Harvest
12. Mr. Stalin Kalidoss, Canova Eco Farms
13. Mr. Mayilvaganam, Lunchbox
14. Mr. Praveen, Mrs. Anjali Praveen – Awesome Cuisine
15. Mr. Arul Murugan, CEO, Snacks Expert
16. Mr. Mahaveer, Noise & Grains
17. Team SmileSettai
18. Agaram Foundation
19. Mr. Anna Durai, Amazing Autos
20. NASSCOM Startup Warehouse
21. Ansa Herbs
22. Jungle Jewels
23. Mr. Hemachandran, Brand Avatar & CBL
24. Mr. Ashok, Happy Hens
25. Mr. Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, Kankeyam Cattle Research Foundation
26. Mr. Santhosh, Kolapasi
27. Mr. Karthick, Skript
28. Mr. Orissa Balu
29. Mr. Abishek Raja, Fully Filmy
30. Mr. Radha Manalan

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If you look at this list there are different set of achievers and entrepreneurs across sectors like mentioned before and few more start-ups surprises await the Payanigal during the Payanam.

How long does he take to get this done, given there are so many people to coordinate ?

Earlier it was almost about 3 to 4 months but now its become a little less, given the kind of networking that has already happened! That is one thing that we are happy about the sharing of knowledge from experienced players.

What would you say about the key takeaways from Startup Payanam?

There are lot of things but if you ask me I would come down to these seven.
1. Experience – Its a different one hanging out with over 40 enterprising individual, you got to be there to see it and experience it.
2. Exposure – You don’t get this kind of exposure in this short a time and assimilate those stories first hand.
3. Connects – Yes, networking is the back bone and you get to meet and connect with lot of people.
4. Mentorship – We take it one step next to this as mentorship, people find great mentors in different aspects of their business.
5. Validation – The most important aspect of running your startup with a new idea is the validation that you seek, you get great feedback.
6. Knowledge – Well its for everyone to get hands on knowledge and try to implement them in their setup wherever its is applicable.
Now you know why you should not miss this one!



So when is the next one and where are we travelling to?

The Next Payanam is planned as an International Startup Payanam to Singapore & Malaysia. Its a joint venture with TiE Global, we have started the initial talks and hopefully we will fly.

Thanks Nawin, I am sure this is going to be a great trip again for those startups and here’s wishing you all the best from YourCoimbatore.

To register for this Startup Payanam and for more details go here:

Alternately reach out to RG Nawin Krishna, Ideator & Organizer – #StartupPayanam on +919677749696 or mail

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