6th December 2021
  • 6th December 2021

Maanaadu (Tamil) – An engrossing re-experience!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 26th November 2021
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With lean explorations on the Time Loop (characters re-experiencing a span of time repeatedly) concept in Tamil, Maanaadu is a well-crafted & cut-and-dried political thriller on this genre, that thrives on engagement quotient and a whale of performances.

While frequent English movie watchers may be familiar with such genres (movies like 50 First Dates, Source Code, and many more), delivering it in Indian flavor and enhancing the taste of the audience with an unusual and distinguished product, this VENKAT PRABHU POLITICS is a clear winner!

A common man and a corrupt police official get caught into the TIME LOOP, on a day of an important political public conference with a plot to assassinate the Chief Minister and create communal riots is the gist of the narration, with every loop revealing a lead to the truth!

A striking and vibrant comeback for Simbhu, leaps with rock-solid performance regaining the lost ground for a few years. Out of his romance genres and getting into a new league. A good path is chosen STR!

The blue-chip here is S J Suryah as the cop, who had championed the role and looks to be a tailor-made one for him. Bandits thoroughly with his performance and modulation of voice, for which he is well known!

Every interaction between Simbhu & SJ Suryah is a treat to watch on the screen and every time STR dies, SJ Suryah is challenged. With twists & turns on every loop in the second half, the viewer is guaranteed to stay brisk!

The sequence between Simbhu, SJ Suryah, and Y G Mahendran (superb acting), makes the audience go in splits loudly. The post-interval narration makes it zestful and burgeons curiosity with every loop, whereas the first half could have been a little trimmed with slightly overdone loops.

Yuvan’s scintillating background score with variations shown on every loop is a major plus for the narration, and the one song “Meherezylaa” which comes in several loops, is just a stamp… YSR has elevated a level up!

The major triumphal factor of the film is the screenplay, and VENKAT PRABHU scores a ton for sure this time engaging the audience in an interesting space elegantly!

Maanadu is a positive sign for Tamil Cinema and let’s welcome it warm! Worth a watch!

Verdict: A welcome league!

Review by ~ Ram Arunachalam

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