19th October 2021
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The man-eater camouflaged was out of sight, officials tensed

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The man-eater MDT-23 (Mudumalai Division Tiger -23) has killed three people and ten cattle in the past two months remains elusive. At least a team of sixty forest officials was involved in tracing out the man-eater. “No photographs were found in the trap cameras for the past five days. Only a partially eaten buffalo’s carcass was found,” an official said.


How a tiger turns into a man-eater

A tiger attack on a human being usually occurs when a tiger has become too old, weak to hunt prey that is more difficult to catch and kill. However, it is believed that once the tiger tastes human flesh and learns of the ease with which human beings can be caught as victims rather than fighting harder for their natural prey.

Man-animal Conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is the dangerous encounters between humans and wildlife that lead to negative results, such as loss of property, livelihoods, and even life.

The major reasons were the negative impacts of urbanization such as Forest land utilization for transport Infrastructure, degradation, and fragmentation of the animal habitat, and the increasing densities of livestock grazing in protected areas are considered as major causes of man-carnivore conflicts.

Usually, the man-eaters will be shot dead.

Vijaya Ragavan