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Mandela was nominated for an Oscar selection committee

By Team YourCoimbatore on 22nd October 2021
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Mandela, starring Yogi Babu, has been nominated for an Oscar selection committee. If selected the film will be sent on behalf of India.

There are 14 films in competition, including Yogi Babu’s Mandela, Jojo George’s Nayattu and Vidya Balan’s Sherni.

Mandela, produced by Balaji Mohan, is directed by newcomer Madonna Ashwin. The film stars Yogibabu. Sheila Rajkumar, who is famous for her role in the serial ‘Beautiful Tamil Daughter’, was paired with him in the film. Also, Chainli Murugan and Kannan Ravi played the lead roles.

The film aired live on Vijay TV on April 4 and highlighted the importance of an ordinary man’s vote in the film. In the film, Yogi Babu played the role of a barber.

Up to a specific point in Mandela’s film, Yogi Babu is known as Smiley, then Mandela, then Nelson Mandela. Mandela, who corrects the hair of others and beautifies them, shines in his character as a very simple man with torn dirty shirts, pants, non-greasy hair, an oily face and won the respect of all. If the film is released in theatres, it will be a huge success.

Mandela, starring Yogi Babu, has been shortlisted for the Oscars. Mandela is the only film selected from Tamil. Also nominated are Joju George starrer Naadu and Vidya Balan starrer Sherney and Vicky Kaushal starrer Sardar Udham.

The Oscar ceremony is set to take place in the United States next year in March 2022. The task of selecting the best films ahead of the festival has been accelerated. In it, famous filmmaker Shaji N Karun is the chairman of the jury. The panel consists of 15 judges. There are 14 films selected from different languages.

The films will be screened at the Bikoli Theater in Bhavanipur, Kolkata. The selected film will be sent to the Oscars on behalf of India.

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