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Martin Group of Companies issue clarification on the IT raids at their premises

Martin Group of Companies issue clarification on the IT raids at their premises

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Martin Group of Companies have issued a clarification of the recent IT raid on their offices and various premises belonging to the group.

In a press release it has been stated that there is a widespread misconception and they have had to issue a clarification so that people know the real status.

The raids were by the Income Tax department office of Kolkatta, and had no relationship with Enforcement Directorate as was reported in the media and digital news agencies. It also noted that they have extended fullest cooperation for the searches and all the reports of reports of these searches as being done by ED under PMLA are against the true facts of the case in reality. They are per se unlawful and defamatory with respect to the event.

The press release also said that the Lottery business was well established and conforms to the law of the land and the respective states. And Martin Group is duly appointed by respective states to sell and run the lottery businesses in accordance to the legal frame work and rules that govern the state.

The Press note also noted that Mr. Martin was the highest tax payer as an individual in 2002-03 and has been a law-abiding citizen. The Group also pays the GST and Income Tax as per rules. Apart from this the group provides a lot of job opportunities and livelihoods to lakhs of families in India.

Under the circumstances, the reports that have appeared in the media is more damaging and is a harassment to the Group and its founder Mr. Martin and is no less character assassination of the person and his family members.

It is therefore requested that public refrain from believing half-truths and misportrayals and false statements of any sort.

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