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Maruti Introduced new Celerio CNG car

Maruti Introduced new Celerio CNG car

Maruti, Celerio CNG

Maruti Suzuki has launched the Celerio CNG in India. It is noteworthy that people were waiting for this car with the same design and features as the petrol model.

The introduction of this car is expected to bring relief to the people from the hike in petrol and diesel prices. With the help of this car, there is no doubt that people can travel at a much cheaper price than petrol.

Over the past five years, Maruti Suzuki’s sales have grown exponentially. The company said vehicle sales rose 22 percent. Maruti Celerio will now try to impress customers in places where CNG is more available and readily available.

Speaking of the size of this car, its length is 3,695mm, width is 1,655mm, height is 1,555mm and wheelbase is 2,435mm. Additional information is that this car is very attractive to look at.

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