19th January 2022
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Medical Miracle: Surgery to put a pig’s heart in the human body!!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 12th January 2022
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Physicians are those who are equally respected by God. Physicians and medicine are doing untold benefits to humans. Through many, many new discoveries and efforts, many contributions have been made to mankind.

Physicians in America have set a new record in that regard. U.S. surgeons have successfully transplanted a pig’s heart (‘porcine’ heart) into a man suffering from end-stage heart disease.

Doctors have successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig heart into a 57-year-old man living in Maryland who suffers from terminal heart disease.

Three days after the heart transplant, he is said to be well into his twenties. “It was the only way the patient currently had a heart available,” the University of Maryland Medical College said Monday (January 10, 2022) after a historic operation.

“This organ transplant surgery is the first to prove that the heart of a genetically modified animal can function as a human heart without being immediately rejected by the human body,” the university said in a statement.

Doctors say the patient, David Bennett, will be monitored for the next few weeks to determine if the transplant surgery offers life-saving benefits.

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