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Meet Chetan Bhagat at Rapport 2023, an open to public event!

Meet Chetan Bhagat at Rapport 2023, an open to public event!

Rapport 2023, an eagerly anticipated annual event  meticulously curated by the PSG Management Alumni Association, in collaboration  with  PSG Institute of Management will be held on the 16th of December. Dedicated to nurturing and strengthening the bonds among our esteemed alumni  and students, Rapport 2023 is set to take place on December 16, 2023 4 pm, at the prestigious PSG Institute of Management.

Ms. Preetha Naidu, Chairperson of the PSG MAA, said this year will be a great event with Mr. Chetan Bhagat with his Masterclass on Personal Branding. He will be speaking on From Unknown to Unforgettable. Last year we had Mr. Annamalai, President of BJP and also mottai madi music wherein we had over 2400 guests.

Mr. Shiva Kumar,  Vice President said Rapport was about teh community,  last year was about having fun and this year its going to be how to brand oneself, and being a management school we thought it fit to have a seesion that will impact the business of our alumni.

Prof. Uma Maheshwari, Faculty, PSG IM  while speaking said it’s 60 year old alumni association and over 12000 alumni spread acros the globe. Its not just another event, we have had a lot of interactions, and this is an opportunity for the alumni to come and be a part of this institution, This event is a culmination of the efforts during the entire year.

This year’s event promises to be a day of inspiration and entertainment, featuring Mr. Chetan Bhagat as the distinguished keynote speaker, sharing insights that transcend the realms  of  business and academia. Following this enlightening discourse, get ready for laughter- filled moments with a stand- up comedy performance by the talented Mervyn Rozz, ensuring an eventful and enjoyable evening.

Anticipation is high for a vibrant audience of 1000 attendees, comprising alumni, students, corporates, and the general public. The ripple effect of Rapport 2023 extends beyond the physical boundaries of the venue, with an estimated media reach of 10, 000 alumni and members of the public through both print and digital platforms.

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Reflecting on the success of last year’s event, where the BJP Tamil Nadu President, Sri K Annamalai, graced us with his keynote address and music concert drew an audience of about 2500 people, Rapport 2023 aims to surpass expectation and create memorable experiences.

Seize the opportunity to be part of the celebration that transcends time connecting the past present and the future of PSG Institute of Management. Register now to secure the Spot at Rapport 2023 , where connections thrive and memories reside .

For any  further details contact  9894173975 / 9655224499

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