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Mental health is equally or more important than you think

By Team YourCoimbatore on 18th October 2021
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Spain’s ‘ Crying Room ‘- a mental health guarding center. Located in a building in Central Madrid, ‘La Lloreria’ which translates to ‘ Crying Room’ is a Spanish Government’s initiative to raise awareness on mental health and eradicate various taboos related to it.

The room’s entrance sign tells the visitors to ” Enter and Cry” whereas another sign reads ,” I too have anxiety”. The brightly designed ,pink lighted room includes a bathtub to relax and several phones with a phone directory carrying the numbers of mental health professionals. The room also houses essentials like tissue papers and a comfy spot to sit and cry your heart out.

This comes a week after, Spanish PM announced the 100 Million Euro mental health care drive while launching the plan on October 10, World Mental Health Day.

Crying is still considered a stigma in many parts of the world. Spain records several adolescent suicides each year. The Crying Room motivates the people and tries to make them understand that it’s Okay to cry, rather than keeping it all in.

Indhumathi. N