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Mercedes opposes Max Verstappen’s victory in F1 car racing? What is the reason?

Mercedes opposes Max Verstappen’s victory in F1 car racing? What is the reason?

Mercedes team, Max Verstappen

Mercedes protests against Max Verstappen’s victory over Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix car race have caused a stir.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen defeated seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Louise Hamilton to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and win the 2021 title. Mercedes protested the victory of Max Verstappen, who won the last lap.

The Mercedes team, which is winning the title for the eighth year in a row, is known for producing car racers. Mercedes has registered this opposition as its teammate Louis Hamilton has been graduating for seven consecutive years.

Mercedes has pointed out the delay due to two breaches of the rules of the game in safety car racing. The event organizers said that Mercedes objected to the classification established at the end of the competition and argued that it violated Section 48.12.

Race director Michael Masi decided that instead of the usual practice of all laptops, only five laptops should be allowed to unlock between two title rivals. Mercedes also claims that Verstappen’s car moved in front of Hamilton’s car, breaking the rule before the race resumed. It is illegal for a security car to overtake a race track until it has been cleared.

Mercedes, which has complained about Hamilton’s success, has said it will not comment further until the investigation is completed.

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