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100 Miyawaki forests – An Optimistic opportunity for environmentalists

By on 30th July 2021 1 161 Views

Coimbatore Corporation has drawn an ambitious plan to improve the city’s green cover by going in for Miyawaki forests across the city as reported by THE HINDU. The Corporation is ready to sign MOU with the NGOs, Corporate companies who come forward to raise the garden in the district.

This initiative is replicated after witnessing the success of the Chennai corporation in creating urban forests. Corporation commissioner Raja Gopal told that the civic body has planned Miyawaki gardens at 100 reserved sites in five zones.

Miyawaki Forest – Man-made forest

miyawaki forest

This method was propounded by the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki in the 1980s. Four-layer native species like a shrub, sub-tree, tree, and canopy should be identified. Then the quality of soil should be analyzed for its perforation capacity, water retention capacity, and nutrients in it.

The seeds should be planted at a very high density(3 to 5 trees per square kilometer). Usually, seed balls are highly productive for this method. Finally, the area should be covered with thick mulch. Proper care should be taken for 2 to 3 years.

Though it is not effective as a natural forest, it is highly efficient in reducing the hydrocarbon number in the cities.



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