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Mole day 2021 Theme, History and everything here!

Mole day 2021 Theme, History and everything here!


The day is inaugurated around the 1980s when an article appeared in The Science Teacher. Later, a former high school chemistry teacher, Maurice Oehler from Wisconsin, USA drew enthusiasm from the article and founded the National Mole Day Foundation.
Amedeo Avagadro was an Italian physicist. In 1811, he formulated that equal volumes of any gas at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of atoms or molecules. The number is named after him to honour his work.
Mole day is celebrated on October 23 every year. The time duration of Mole day commemorates Avagadro’s number, a measuring unit in chemistry. It is denoted as 6.02 multiplied 1023 to define the number of particles present in a single mole of any substance.
The concept of mole can be used to modify between mass and number of particles. It’s a special number in chemistry. Chemists and chemistry students mark the event each year.
Undoubtedly, every other thing is applauded, even mole being a crucial part of chemistry should be admitted.
Looking at it closely, Avagadro’s number, mole or any other tiniest thing can influence hugely. Therefore, this is entitled to a celebration.


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