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Monkey Monkey at Bharathi Park

By on 8th September 2016 0 123 Views

Just as coimbatore citizens are feeling the bites of stray dogs, a new menace has cropped up. Monkeys!!!! The pictures you see are in Bharathi Park Road number 2, just behind the park where corporation waste collection lorries are parked.

The lorry parking lot has become the breeding ground for stray dogs and feed on waste from dustbins which over flow due to some unscrupulous caterers dumping their waste inside. They are also attracted by the smell emanating from the waste collection dumpers and the dogs also seem to be protected and patronized by people working inside the parking lot. Not only they are attacking senior citizens and students but their howling during nights are unbearable. They have already caused a few accidents by chasing two wheelers.

Now Monkeys seem to have become new residents of the parking lot and the park. Having been a resident of the area for more than 35 years spotting monkeys in a residential area is shocking.

If this problem is not nipped in the bud,it will prove to be more dangerous than the dogs.

Post from Jay via his FB timeline.