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Most of the Tomato plants suffered due to rain in Kinathukkadavu

Most of the Tomato plants suffered due to rain in Kinathukkadavu

Tomato plants

Tomatoes are grown on more than 500 acres in and around Kinathukadavu, including Chok Kannur, No. 10 Muthur, Vadaputhur, Gallapuram, Choolakkal, Gothawadi, and Muthukkaundanur.

Currently, the monsoon is widespread. Thus tomato production in many places has been affected. Tomato plants cultivated in the Kinathukadavu area are also affected.

Due to the continuous rain, the flowers and pods of the tomato plants fell off. As well as the plants withered. Farmers are thus concerned. Farmers are therefore demanding that the authorities inspect and provide adequate compensation for the burnt tomato plants.

The affected farmers said: – Tomatoes are cultivated twice a year by the farmers of Kinathukadavu and the surrounding areas. Tomatoes can be harvested up to 8 times in an 8-month-old crop. We have now harvested 6 times the tomatoes that were cultivated last May. Tomato can be harvested 2 more times. But by then the plants had withered due to the rain. Similarly, the plants that are ready for the disease have suffered a great loss due to wilting.

At a time when tomatoes are currently fetching good prices, the authorities should systematically inspect and provide appropriate compensation as such plants wither. Thus they said.

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