16th January 2022
  • 16th January 2022

Motorists suffered from Heavy snowfall prevails at Valparai

By Team YourCoimbatore on 30th November 2021
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Winter has started in the hilly Valparai since last week. The number of tourists visiting Valparai is increasing day by day due to the mild sun and mixed rainfall. Also, it is currently snowing during the day.

Due to the heavy snowfall especially on the Valparai-Pollachi hill road, the vehicles could not be driven by the tourists. Thus they parked vehicles on the roadside. Some drove the vehicles as the yellow headlights came on. Also, the motorist who carries items including vegetables in the morning is the one who suffers the most.

But tourists stood in this fog and enjoyed taking selfies. The impact of the haze will be even greater in the coming seasons in Valparai. This will increase the number of vehicles going up the hill as the number of tourists will be higher.

But the white lines in the middle of the road on the hillside were gone. This will put white lines in the middle of the road and stick flashing stickers here and there. Also, tourists coming up the hill should drive their vehicles carefully.

Logeshwaran J

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