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Motorola: Air is enough to charge a smartphone anymore

Motorola: Air is enough to charge a smartphone anymore

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Motorola has introduced the True Wireless Charging technology in early 2021. Under this technology, there is no need for any physical connection between the phone and the charger. Now Motorola has introduced its updated version. Motorola previously named the technology ‘Motorola One Hyper’. From 2019 the brand Motorola will not be using the name associated with its budget smartphones. Therefore, the company has changed its name to ‘Motorola Air Charging’.

Not only has Motorola’s True Wireless Charging got a new name, it’s similar to the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge, which is also used for similar applications. It is worth noting that Xiaomi’s solution is only a concept.

According to Weibo’s official announcement, Motorola Air Charging technology will charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. It works at 3 m and 100-degree circumferences.The company claims to be constantly scanning devices using its Solution 1600 antenna. This network system, with the help of an independent chipset and algorithm, ensures consistent charging.

Motorola claims that this charger works with paper, leather, and similar materials. However, for safety reasons, the charging will be stopped when human presence is detected by biological tracking technology. Motorola has not yet said when it will be officially announced.

The company responsible for this technology is Guru Wireless, Inc. Another interesting thing is that the company does not mention anything about it. However, technical experts believe that Motorola will soon introduce this charger.

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