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msd will be the best finisher ever; once again proved

msd will be the best finisher ever; once again proved


A quick glance about yesterday’s match

Csk vs DC qualifier 1 of IPL 2021 was a highly anticipated match among the cricket fans because it was between the Mentor MS Dhoni and follower Rishabh pant.

Msd had won the toss and chose to field first. He had chosen wisely knowing their batting order strength and also chasing the target would be the right decision in terms of the pitch’s previous record.

Delhi capitals batting

DC managed to reach a big total from Shaw’s action, despite losing Dhawan and Shreyas early. Followed by Shaw then came pant and Hetmeyer, they combinedly showed a classic performance that entertained the stadium.

The consequent fifties from Shaw and pant helped DC to end with a big total of 172 on the board. The bowling attack from DC had highly skilled Rabada, Nortje, khan, Axar, and Ashwin.

It was doubtful for us in the Innings break, whether Csk will enter finals directly or not. Because only the Csk’s top order was in good form compared to the middle order.

csk’s turn

As feared, Csk opened with a big blow. Yes, key defender Faf was bowled in the second over. Then came Uthappa without any expectations. None imagined that he would smash to all the corners.

Uthappa finely used the power play and opponent Rutraj offered a good partnership too. With this Csk had crossed a hundred, at this point the game was with Csk’s control. Wait, how csk will get a comfortable win? without giving mini attacks.

Yeah, a breakthrough for DC came after taking Uthappa’s wicket by a fabulous catch near the boundary line. Everyone was surprised to see Thakur at no 4 which didn’t work as expected and he went for a duck.

The usual decline

At number 5, Rayudu also didn’t last long. He got out while running between the wickets. The team had lost 3 of its wickets for 12 runs and created pressure among Csk’ians.  The run rate was calculated and12 runs per over was needed in that current situation and M. Ali entered at no 6 and Csk supporters were in awe.

M. Ali and Gaikwad garnered a couple of boundaries, all the hope was on the well-set Gaikwad who had crossed 60runs. But, unfortunately, Gaikwad lost his wicket. This pushed CSK into a risky situation where it needed 24 from 11 deliveries.

Everyone expected Jadeja’s magic, as he is in sublime form. This was apparent from his previous games. Also, there was a doubt for Csk fans whether the Msd will change the order, who is an expert in that.


The captain’s entry

Msd was not in great form throughout this season, however, he decided to bat ahead of Jadeja. Besides these situations, Msd haters were damn confident of Msd’s inability and started to mock through memes.

The Memes surfed with slogans that Dhoni is not a good choice, he is a test player and Csk will lose because of his move. But, they failed to know Msd would be the Csk’s trump card.

Many forgot the popular saying “the form is temporary and class is permanent”. At this time, the world’s best finisher started to face the pressure. With his Cool attitude, he smashed the first six at the fifth ball of the 19th over.

The final over needed 13 runs and the opening ball was a big blow for Csk with M. Ali was caught. However, Msd managed to be on the striking side with 13 needed off 5. The finisher is always known to play big in knock-out games.

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Final seconds

Msd with his experience of handling the death pressure smashed back-to-back boundaries in 2nd and 3rd deliveries. The scorecard showed 5 needed off 3. The apparent excitement concealed fear was among the Csk supporters.

Tom Curran under pressure bowled wide and relived pressure. It’s now 4 needed off 3. Finally, thala(nickname of Msd) finished off in his style with a boundary in the very next ball with two balls to spare.

The victory Roar

The so-called Csk haters were disappointed here, worried, yet cried “Finals la puttukum”(will lose in finals) The cool king went on to shake hands formally without any celebration which was his nature over the years, and This is how Csk stormed into their ninth finals which is the most by any team in IPL history.

Wishing good luck for the champions, yet to face the finals on 15th October.


The writer is csk supporter. This article is not intended to hurt others but to express his thrill. Yeah, you can also send your experience to express the world.


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