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Namo Pongal on behalf of BJP inaugurated by State president Annamalai

Namo Pongal on behalf of BJP inaugurated by State president Annamalai

Namo Pongal, Annamalai

Namo Pongal on behalf of the BJP was celebrated in the Ponnaiyarajapuram area of Gandhi Park under the leadership of BJP National Women’s Leader Vanathi Srinivasan. BJP state president Annamalai inaugurated the function.

The state government has imposed restrictions on the opening of temples in some states when the corona epidemic is more prevalent than in Tamil Nadu, but temples have been closed on Thaipusam, the main festival in Tamil Nadu. This government has been put under curfew without trust in the people. He said that the temple should be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with restrictions.

He said the Pongal gift given by the government had been distributed knowing that there were substandard items in some places and questioned when the Chief Minister would take action against the ministers and officials responsible for this, adding that it would be ridiculous if the ministers did not take action.

He was responding to a query on the law on IAS and IPS officers being taken directly by the Central Government. Officials asked the political parties to understand. He said it was funny that the Amma district SP said he did not know anything without arresting those responsible and questioned how people could have confidence in the police if this was the case.

So the police asked him to leave the video of the student’s confession until the video was taken. Then the art shows took place. It was attended by many party executives, including BJP national leader Vanathi Srinivasan.

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