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National Bird Day 2022; History and its significance

National Bird Day 2022; History and its significance

National Bird Day 2022; History and its significance

National Bird Day has been celebrated every year on January 5 since its 1st celebration in 2002. The day is first started in the United States. The date, January 5, was chosen mainly because the annual “Christmas Bird Count” will take place on January 5 too.

The annual citizen survey has taken place in the United States for quite a time now. The results will give information about the health and number of birds across the United States.

National Bird Day was celebrated not only in the United States but also all across the world by bird lovers. This day has its importance. On this day, a wide variety of bird species is celebrated.

History Of National Bird Day:

It is said that nearly 1200 bird species would be lost by extinction by the end of this century. So, it is essential to raise awareness about the threats birds face by illegal trading, diseases, and climate change. Birds are illegally traded in the black market, and bidders get large amounts of money for doing it.

Exotic birds like eagles, macaws, and badgers were sold for their feathers, as pets, and as food too. These actions will cause the disappearance of birds altogether. These are the issues that Avian Welfare Coalition discussed 2 decades ago in 2002. It is essential to protect birds, and this idea gives rise to the creation of National Bird Day.

Significance Of National Bird Day:

Many birds are endangered from habitat loss, climate change, deforestation, and other life devastating factors. The everyday problems birds face are spoken on National Bird Day. Raising awareness is of significant importance to this event. People in the United States should take part in it. It marks the day when birds are to be treated with respect. This day gives us a chance to teach and educate others about protecting the birds.

National Bird Day Activities:

You can study about the birds on National Birds Day. Try to read a memoir like “H is for Hawk,” or read novels with birds. Try to know more about birds. Learn about their survival and food habits. More importantly, learn about the role of birds in our lives. The U.S. census says that more Americans spend time watching birds than playing baseball and American football combined.

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So, observe the birds and study them. This could become a hobby. Instead of buying a bird, try to adopt a rescued bird. National Bird Day is a day where we can educate on the needs of captive birds.

Several organizations run campaigns and help in the conservation of birds, National bird day 2022 is a day where we can educate everyone about the need to protect birds. Birds are an integral part of our ecosystem. We must protect them.


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