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National Red Wine Day 2023

National Red Wine Day 2023

Get ready to raise a glass and celebrate National Red Wine Day on August 28! This day is celebrated mostly in the US but over the year it has been observed in different parts of the world. Often considered to be “nectar from the gods”, wine, has been consumed around the world for centuries, so far so that wine has been mentioned in mythological texts. Nowadays there are over 800 different varieties of red wines made all over the world with flavors ranging from fruity and sweet to dry and tannic. So let’s cheers to National Red Wine Day!

History of Red wine: Wine today may be synonymous with France, or Italy but the true origins likely lay in West Asia near the Caucasus Mountains, Zagros Mountains, Euphrates River Valley, and Southeastern Anatolia. Ancient wine production evidence was found in Armenia and Georgia. The oldest known technique of winemaking which dates as far back as 6000 BC, using earthen pots – qvevri – is still used to this day. It is believed that the Greeks perfected the way to make wine, trade, and religious processes and further planted wines in Spain and Italy. The Spanish introduced wine to the Americas and vineyards emerged in Australia, South America, and California.

Health Benefits of Red Wine: It’s time to pop the cork and celebrate National Red Wine Day. Red wine just not only tastes good but, also has health benefits. And you can also have red Wine paired with other meals as well, which makes it even more attractive for parties or for dinner dates. Red wine contains polyphenols, certain substances in red wine is known as an antioxidant that helps prevent unwanted clotting by keeping the blood vessel. According to the studies, consuming it in a moderate amount is healthy and also reduces the chances of heart disease

Reduces Cancer Risk: Regular and moderated intake of red wine reduces the risk of various types of cancers like basal cell, colon, prostate, carcinoma, ovarian etc. Therefore, you can enjoy sipping it in moderation as you celebrate National Wine Day.

Stay Slim with Red Wine: Resveratrol found in red wine converts into piceatannol reduces the fat cells in our body and also fastens the insulin receptors of fat cells which blocks the pathways required for immature fat cells to grow.

Good For the Digestive System: Stomach irritation and other digestive disorders can be treated with the anti-bacterial nature of red wine. It also reduces the risk of infection from Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium found in the stomach.

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Since ancient times, red wine has been part of many cultures throughout the world. As civilization has developed, so has the technology for growing the right grapes and turning it into this delicious beverage. Through the old world and the new world, red wine has come to be more than simply a drink, but it also symbolizes transformation, happiness and friendship, as well as sustenance and life.



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