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National Wildlife Day 2023: Preserving Biodiversity for Generations

National Wildlife Day 2023: Preserving Biodiversity for Generations

National Wildlife Day in India and worldwide, celebrated on September 4, highlights the nation’s rich biodiversity and emphasizes the crucial need for its conservation.

This day serves as a reminder of the critical need to conserve and protect the diverse wildlife that inhabits our planet. It is designed to encourage people to think about the species that we share the planet with and encourage people to be more mindful about them. It’s a day in which all people should think about the endangered species of our planet and what can be done to protect them and conserve their environment.

The History Of National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day was created by Colleen Paige, a self-styled Pet Lifestyle Expert, in honor of the wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin. She founded this day in 2005 and over the past few decades it has helped to bring the focus back onto wildlife and to get more people thinking about how they can conserve and protect the animals we share the planet with.

Theme for National Wildlife Day 2023

Every year, a specific theme is the centre piece of the National Wildlife Day event. A theme is used to focus conversation and conservation activities, as well as to precisely inform and raise awareness among the general public.

Importance of Wildlife Conservation

The extinct animals are not a part of the wildlife and are no longer heard or talked about. More than 99% of the 4 Billion species that ever existed on Earth have now gone extinct. This becomes a major issue to ponder upon as this may lead to disturbing our ecological balance. We may end up losing a bunch of important flora and fauna species that are now a vital part of our ecosystem.

One-quarter of the world’s mammals, 1 in 6 bird species and 40% of amphibians are threatened with extinction, making a total of 35,000 species. It is heartbreaking that our future generation will never get to enjoy or know about them. Thus, it is high time that we need effective measures to be implemented to conserve wildlife. By protecting and preserving the natural habitats of animals and plants we can ensure a better lively scenario for them. Therefore, we celebrate National Wildlife Day. This day emphasizes scrutinizing and reducing human involvement to keep the authenticity of wildlife intact.

Reasons to Conserve Wildlife

Biodiversity: The end of a particular species affects the entire ecosystem as it disturbs the food chain and becomes a major threat to other species.

Commercial Use Sufferings: Often animals are held captive for various commercial and industrial uses that eventually cause a decline in the number of species. For example- Elephants are used for tourism in South Asia, Orangutans in Indonesia for boxing shows, etc.

Enhancing the Health of the Ecosystem: Ensuring that the ecosystem is healthy and balanced. Animals help to keep the air and water clean.

How to Celebrate National Wildlife Day?

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There are many ways in which you can participate or even contribute towards the National Wildlife Day which include

1. Volunteer in fundraisers for rehabilitation

2. Initiate your bit by cleaning any trash that you might find on your way

3. Educate the tiny todds and enlighten them about the importance of it

4. Visit your nearby zoos to ensure that appropriate facilities are given to the animals for healthy living

5. Volunteer for camps under the National Wildlife Foundation

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