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“Need a loan to buy vegetables” Struggle with the modern way of asking for a loan in the bank

“Need a loan to buy vegetables” Struggle with the modern way of asking for a loan in the bank

Loan for vegetables

The CITU unions were involved in a struggle to get a loan to buy vegetables in Mettupalayam taluka of Coimbatore district.

When they talk about it, they say, ‘Most of the areas, including the uplands, are inhabited by mercenaries. They are doing the daily wage jobs and small businesses that are available to them and are supporting their families and children with the small income they get from it.

And for the past two years, the corona has been plagued by unspeakable misery, with small businesses unable to do the work they did during the Great Depression.

In this situation, due to the efforts of the Tamil Nadu government and the district administration, the corona epidemic has been gradually reduced and their normal life is now gradually improving.

In this situation, the huge blow to the heads of the poor simple wage workers is the sharp rise in the prices of vegetables and essential commodities including tomatoes. As a result, with their meager income, they are unable to buy essential items for daily meals such as vegetables and provide nutritious food items to their children.

Theirs is the state of not being able to buy much food, even when selling normally. Due to the rise in food prices, their children have become mere spectators to the food. So we ask for a loan of Rs. 20,000 from their bank to help them buy nutritious food items like tomatoes for their children. They are also willing to repay the loan month after month with interest.

So we kindly asked the bank official to consider their application and provide loan assistance to the bank where they have an account to help the poor simple workers survive and protect their children.

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