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Neeraj chopra: Young Indian gold medalist and his glorious past

Neeraj chopra: Young Indian gold medalist and his glorious past

neeraj chopra

Neeraj chopra’s way to Tokyo 

Neeraj, Neeraj, Neeraj…The netizens burst the name viral after his javelin jabbed the gold in Tokyo Olympics 2021.  Who is Neeraj? and How it happened?

Back in 2011, an obese teen in Haryana was often bullied for his appearance. To make him strong by heart, his parents decided to enroll him in a basic gym at Panipat unknowing that his son would be an Olympic gold medalist after a decade.

There Neeraj chopra was inspired by jaiveer sing’s javelin throw. Sing was the first man to discover chopra’s talent in Javelin. Without any formal coaching Neeraj managed to throw 40 meters of distance at the age of thirteen. This made jaiveer sing to coach him methodically in javelin throw.

After learning basics in javelin throw for an year, Neeraj was sent to Panchkula, Haryana to get mentored by Nasim Ahamad. There he rigorously practiced long distance running along with javelin throw.

For the First time at the age of 14 neeraj won junior nationals at Lucknow by propeling the javelin for the distance of 68.40meters. This made him to participate in international competition held at ukraine. Later, He won his first international medal in Bankok youth Olympics, 2014.

neeraj chopra

Two years later, In 2016, chopra won a gold medal in south asian games with a throw of 84.23meters. Again, he secured gold in IAAF World U20 championship at poland, there he set his first international junior record. Despite of his shining perfomance, he didn’t qualified for 2016 Summer Olympics.

Once more he self assured himself by winning a gold in 2017 asian atheletic championships with a throw of 85.23meters and again a gold in 2018 Asian Games. After observing his strenous efforts he was honored arjuna award in the 2018.

In between he was appointed as Subedar in Indian Military. He concentrated more on sports than work and was highly self-disciplined in his routine as said by his lead coach.

On May 2019, a day before the kickoff of 2021 Olympic qualifying match, Chopra underwent an elbow surgery at Mumbai. The pandemic has postponed the actual game so he got enough time to practice. he was effortlessly qualified for finals.

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In finals with all the expectations to win a gold his javelin travelled for a distance of 87.58meters to reach the gold. He also broked and set many records with this win. He is the first person in Indian Olympic history to grab gold in atheletics and first young Indian to grab goldmedal at Olympics.

The Punjabi farmer’s son had travelled a glorious path to achieve this reputation, hope Neeraj chopra’s untired efforts would be a lesson for the forthing coming Indian youths. Likley the unhappiness is, despite its wide young population base, India failed to grab ample medals.


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