16th January 2022
  • 16th January 2022

NETFLIX increased to buy Star Hero movies in recent days

By Team YourCoimbatore on 7th December 2021
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OTT companies have been buying and releasing a lot of images since the Corona era. One month after its theatrical release, some of the films are currently being released on OTT. Beginning with Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan to the Surya film in Tamil is being released in OTT.

Recently the Annatha movie was released on NETFLIX without any prior notice. Until now, Amazon has been buying big hero movies in Tamil. Currently, Netflix is buying a series of movies of big heroes. Netflix has recently bought the blockbuster Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor movie, Rajinikanth’s Annatha, Akshay Kumar’s Suriyavamsi, and Tulkar Salman’s KURUP.

NETFLIX is set to release several more web series and images this month. The last installment of the worldwide hit Money Heist web series has just been released on NETFLIX.

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