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New technology to help calculate rainfall accurately

New technology to help calculate rainfall accurately

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According to a new model developed by the company Deep Mind, artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) can accurately calculate the probability of rain. London-based AI has partnered with Met Office, the United Kingdom’s national meteorological service, to develop an in-depth learning tool.

This tool is called the DGMR (Deep Generative model of rainfall) and can accurately predict the potential for rainfall over the next 90 minutes. To date, this is considered to be a major challenge for weather forecasters.

DGMR’s capabilities were published in the journal Nature. To find out its strengths, many experts have compared the capabilities of DGMR with current methods. They measured various factors including the location, movement, and intensity of rainfall.

Rain forecasting can help many businesses, depending on weather conditions, to retire, including air travel and emergency services. Current forecasting techniques use computer simulations to understand temperature changes, clouds, and wind changes.

Current methods work well to predict rainfall over the long term. At the same time, they could not predict the weather for the next hour – this process is called “nowcasting”.To train AI, Deep Mind used radar data. It monitors the movement and formation of clouds throughout the day. According to an MIT technical review, the UK publishes a new reading every five minutes.

This set of data was presented to the Intensive Learning Network. In which real-world data is used to generate forecast data by AI.

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