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No insurance money if you drive a bike over 150CC and die!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 19th October 2021
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In the event of death in an accident, insurance is taken to help the family of the deceased and to save lives. The government insists that vehicles must be insured. It is mandatory to take insurance for everything like car, driver and oncoming person. Currently,y when taking a new vehicle the insurance is compulsory for 5 years for the opposite party who can be called a 3rd party. Also, the vehicle is strictly insured for 2 years.
If you take out bumper-to-bumper insurance, the insurance company will fully repair the vehicle in the event of an accident. Even with the age of the vehicle the sum insured will decrease. The government says that insurance must be taken for the safety of the people. In addition, the government urges everyone to take out a medical insurance plan. The state and central governments also implement the free insurance scheme.

Private companies also offer medical insurance. If someone dies in an accident, the nominee may receive a payment from the insurance company.
In that sense, the person who died in a bike accident last year has asked the insurance company for the sum insured. In response to the family, the private insurance company said that this insurance is valid only if you go in a 150 CC vehicle and die in an accident, the deceased went on a 346CC bike and died. They have replied that this insurance is not valid. The family of the deceased is shocked to hear this.


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